Andreas Tille

Address at work:
Robert Koch Institut
Burgstraße 37
D-38855 Wernigerode
Phone: +49 30 18754 4299
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Andreas Tille
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D-38855 Wernigerode


Since May, 22 1998 I am developer of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. This is halfway connected to my job at the Robert Koch-Institute and halfway I do it in my spare time. I started the Debian Med Project and I support the Debian Junior Project as well as the German Pingos Project. Find more about my work for Debian at my Debian package page.

I have hold several talks about my work in Debian.

Since July, 1. in 1999 I'm working as software engineer at the Robert Koch-Institute. I builded the page for the project "Emerging Foodborne Pathogens in Germany". Currently I am working on some web projects using Zope and PostgreSQL.


I am a physicist and did my diploma at the Martin-Luther-Universität Halle/Wittenberg about "Nonlinear Dynamics of Ferroelectric Domains". When I started my work at the Robert Koch-Institute I continued working on my theses in physics in the field of nonlinear dynamics. In summer 2001 I decided to stop this work because I had the feeling that I should better spend my spare time in working for free software. As a consequence I initiated the Debian Med Project.

You can read more about my education in my Curriculum vitae.

Software Development and Support:

  • I maintain several packages of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. More information at my Debian packages page.

  • There are several ethical and philosophical reasons to develop free software. This is discussed into detail by the Free Software Foundation.

  • While I worked on my theses I had to deal with several tasks of image processing. Thats why I wrote my own program Paul which has an special accent on sequences of images.

  • For my hobby of taking photos I wrote a system of Perl scripts to turn images of a Kodak photo CD into HTML pages.


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