The programs listed on this page where maintained by Andreas Tille

For detailed information see Debian or the German Debian mirror.

Packages where I am upstream author

Yet another image viewer Library to cut images Pcd2Html
Paul GtkImreg  

Games and education

XTeddy Fortunes-De
XTeddy I am the current upstream author for this package but would like to hand it over.  

Miscellaneous packages

WordNet GtkDatabox
  This library is used by Paul

Packages related to microbiology and bioinformatics

ClustalW FastDNAml MolPhy
PHYLip ReadSeq Tree-Puzzle

Documentation packages

Zope book Zope development guide Zope Administrators Guide

Orphaned packages

FreeTDS-JDBC Smupsd
FreeTDS-JDBC UPS monitoring daemon for APC devices

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