Yet another image viewer

PAUL - yet another image viewer

For some special purposes I wrote a kind of an image viewer named

paul = Program zur Auswertung und Umwandlung von Laserbildern

(for non German speakers: Program to evaluate and convert laser images). The background is that I take some pictures of crystals using a high-speed film-camera which works with laser light.

The intention is to get a "digital" film. Using a slide-scanner (Nikon LS-20) I scan the images by a program derived from SANE's xscanimage (I changed xscanimage to get PNG-images with special chunks I want to use in paul).

Some special features I needed for my hobby of photography were added which make paul interesting for common usage. Especially HTML editors will find a useful tool when trying to build click-able maps of images.

So what is Paul:


Yet another image viewer.


Why did I put paul into Debian?

System requirements:

Paul was successfully compiled under Linux (Debian GNU/Linux) and HPUX 10.20.

Screen shot:

Paul at work (70k)

Source and Debian package:

Get Paul source and Debian package

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